Unique features

Why not train your brain and learn a language at the same time?
Play MemoLingo and memorise new vocabulary in 10 languages fast and effortlessly.

  • OLD SCHOOL: learn vocabulary through the age-old method of trial and error and repetition, based purely on sounds and images
  • FOCUS ON LISTENING: Sounds are your only clues. Trust your ears and learn like a toddler.
  • FUN: learning is effortless. That's because MemoLingo has all the ingredients of an addictive game.
  • REAL ACHIEVEMENTS: Keep track and be proud of the actual words you have learnt not some meaningless scores.
  • QUICK: Pick it up for a game when you have a minute and pick up a few words. No need to sit through whole lessons.
  • SIMPLE CONTROLS: No typing, just listen and tap. Perfect for complete beginners of all ages and anyone seeking to master basic vocabulary.


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